Canfield Place

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This home is being rebuilt as a result of the Witch Creek Fire, so it requires special construction means and methods to mitigate damage from future fires. This includes automatic fire sprinkler systems, multi-layered glass on all windows, class A roofing, special framing and venting techniques, and the use of non-combustibles or one-hour resistive construction materials for all exterior features. The exterior facade has a touch of Tuscan architecture created with a combination of stucco, stone, and heavy timber rafter tails, and the inviting front entry courtyard features arched wood gate surrounded by stone. The interior has 10-foot ceilings throughout, a site-built custom stairway and travertine floors. Green building techniques were also a very important factor in the re-construction of this home, including local and sustainable material resources, Energy-Star rated windows and appliances, certified green insulation, water- conserving plumbing fixtures, and landscape irrigation.    [see opportunities for  fire victims ]

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